Dry Mushroom Substrate Kit

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Embark on your mushroom cultivation journey with our Organic Mushroom Substrate Kit. This kit provides high-quality, organic ingredients to create the ideal substrate for a variety of mushrooms, ensuring a fruitful and sustainable harvest.

Kit Components:

  • Coco Coir (1000g): A natural, renewable resource known for its excellent water retention and aeration properties.
  • Vermiculite (475g): Boosts moisture retention and air circulation, essential for healthy mushroom growth.
  • Gypsum (235g): 97% solution grade gypsum balances pH levels and enriches the substrate with essential nutrients for robust mushroom development.

Yields Over 11 lbs of Mushroom Substrate: When hydrated, this kit yields more than 11 lbs of high-quality mushroom substrate.

Simple and Efficient Flash Pasteurization:

    • Hydrate and Flash Pasteurize at Home: Engage in the satisfying process of hydrating and flash pasteurizing the substrate mix at your convenience. Our detailed instructions guide you through each step, ensuring a successful preparation.
    • Ideal for All Skill Levels: Designed for enthusiasts of all backgrounds, our substrate kit allows anyone to engage in mushroom cultivation with ease

    Why Choose Our DIY Mushroom Substrate Kit?:

    • Organic and Eco-Friendly: All ingredients are organic, promoting environmentally responsible cultivation practices.
    • Optimally Curated: Carefully selected to provide the ideal blend of ingredients for cultivating diverse mushroom species.
    • Clear, Easy-to-Follow Instructions: Ensures a straightforward and rewarding experience from start to finish.

    Versatile for All Mushroom Varieties: Suitable for growing a wide range of mushrooms, from gourmet to medicinal, providing the flexibility to experiment with different types.