Malt Yeast Extract Agar Plates (MYA)

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Elevate your mushroom cultivation with Olympus Myco Malt Yeast Extract Agar Plates. These high-quality agar plates are specifically formulated to support vigorous mycelium growth, making them perfect for mushroom cultivation. Each pack contains 10 pre-poured petri dishes, ensuring convenience and consistency for your cultivation needs.

Key Features:

  • Optimized for Mushroom Cultivation: Formulated with malt yeast extract to promote robust mycelium growth.
  • High-Quality Agar Plates: Pre-poured and ready to use, providing a sterile environment for cultivation.
  • Convenient Pack of 10: Ideal for both small-scale and large-scale mushroom cultivation projects.
  • Perfect for Laboratory Use: Suitable for mycologists, researchers, and hobbyists alike.
  • Durable Petri Dishes: Made from high-quality materials to ensure reliability and repeatable results.

Why Choose Olympus Myco Malt Yeast Extract Agar Plates?

Our agar plates are designed to meet the highest standards of mushroom cultivation. The malt yeast extract provides essential nutrients that support strong and healthy mycelium growth, ensuring your mushroom cultures thrive. Whether you're a professional mycologist or a home grower, these agar plates are your best choice for successful mushroom cultivation.

How to Use:

  1. Preparation: Use the pre-poured agar plates directly from the package in a sterile environment.
  2. Inoculation: Transfer your mushroom spores or mycelium onto the agar surface using sterile techniques.
  3. Incubation: Store the inoculated plates in a controlled environment to allow mycelium growth.
  4. Observation: Monitor the growth and transfer healthy mycelium to your growing medium for further cultivation.

Perfect For:

  • Home Growers: Ideal for hobbyists looking to start mushroom cultures easily.
  • Professional Mycologists: Reliable and consistent results for laboratory and research purposes.
  • Educational Use: Great for mycology students and educators to demonstrate fungal growth and cultivation techniques.
Size: 10 Pack