Organic Vermiculite

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Uniform Texture: Fine medium grade vermiculite provides a consistent, finely textured substrate that's ideal for the delicate mycelial network of mushrooms. It ensures even colonization and fruiting.

Moisture Retention: Vermiculite has excellent water-holding capacity. It can absorb and retain moisture, ensuring that the substrate remains consistently moist without becoming waterlogged. This is crucial for mushroom growth, as many mushroom species require high humidity levels for successful fruiting.

Aeration: Vermiculite's structure consists of tiny, layered flakes that create air pockets within the substrate. These air pockets facilitate the exchange of gases (such as oxygen and carbon dioxide) in the substrate. Adequate aeration is essential for the mycelium's respiration and overall health.

pH Buffering: Vermiculite has a near-neutral pH, which helps buffer the substrate's pH levels. Maintaining the correct pH range is essential for many mushroom species, as deviations from the ideal pH can inhibit mycelial growth and fruiting.

Nutrient Distribution: Vermiculite can also help distribute nutrients evenly throughout the substrate. This ensures that mycelium has access to essential nutrients, promoting healthy growth and robust fruiting.

Organic: Our vermiculite is sourced from the finest organic deposits, ensuring that you provide your mushrooms with the highest quality medium for optimal growth. We believe in providing a natural and chemical-free environment for your fungi friends.


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