Pasteurized CVG Mushroom Substrate

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High-Quality Ingredients: Our CVG mushroom substrate is meticulously prepared using the highest quality organic ingredients (coco coir, vermiculite, gypsum) to ensure optimal mushroom yield.

Nutrient-Rich Formula: Our mushroom substrate is enriched with essential nutrients that nourish and support healthy mushroom development from spore to harvest.

Double Filter Patch Design: Our substrate bags feature a unique 0.5 micron double filter patch system, strategically placed on both sides of the bag. This innovative design ensures optimal fresh air exchange.

Versatile Mushroom Substrate: Ideal for a wide range of mushroom species, such as gourmet and medicinal mushrooms.

Pre-Pasteurized: Our mushroom substrate bags come fully pasteurized, saving you time and effort. With our mushroom substrate, you can dive straight into the cultivation process, giving your mushrooms the head start they need.


The secret to our mushroom substrate bags' success lies in our thoughtfully selected organic ingredients. We've blended high-quality ingredients such as coco coir, vermiculite, and gypsum to create the ultimate growth medium. These ingredients provide essential nutrients, retain moisture, and maintain the perfect pH levels, promoting robust mycelium growth and abundant fruiting.

Discover the finest mushroom substrate for your cultivation needs. Our carefully crafted mushroom substrate is the key to a successful mushroom-growing experience. Whether you're a seasoned mycologist or just starting your mushroom journey, our substrate is designed to provide the ideal environment for robust mushroom growth.

We use high-quality mushroom grow bags with a 0.5-micron double filter patch to allow for optimal fresh air exchange while keeping contaminants out.

Our pasteurized mushroom substrate bags are ready to go, just add your colonized grain of choice.


How To Use

We recommend combining one part of fully colonized grain spawn with three parts of our nutrient-rich substrate blend.

Size: 3 lbs

Customer Reviews

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Wilson A.

Timely delivered and well-packaged. My cultivation process has been smooth and successful. Highly recommended!

Thom Morgan
Good product for a great price.

This is a fairly specific product and I was happy to order my second bag. Fast shipping and I like the compact packaging.

Margaret D.

It's working like a charm, exactly as intended. Can't wait to reorder in the near future!

Thom Morgan
I still haven’t received my order. UPDATE I RECEIVED MY PURCHASE

I can’t write a review or give an accurate start rating because my order never arrived. I tracked it through FedEx and it showed that it never left the seller. I contacted Olympus Myco for information regarding my purchase or a refund, they responded almost immediately and assured me that my purchase is on the way. I can’t review the product but I’ll give them 3 stars for answering my email so quickly and professionally. Although the above is true my product did arrive a couple days later and I’m very satisfied with my purchase.